*** Updated COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS are in place for your protection. ***

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has advised that even a "fully vaccinated person should wear a mask or face covering when indoors (and not in your own home) if you have a weakened immune system, or if you are at increased risk for severe disease because of your age or an underlying medical condition, or if someone in your household has a weakened immune system, or is at increased risk for severe disease, or is an unvaccinated adult." If you suffer from one of these co-morbidities you should consider wearing a mask in Church. DPH continues to advise that unvaccinated individuals should always wear a mask when indoors and not in their own home.

Fr. Bernard Gilgun

Fr. Bernard "Bernie" Gilgun was ordained to the priesthood on Pentecost Sunday, June 5, 1954. After serving as an associate at several parishes, he resided at St. Anne's Church from 1984 until his death on Easter Monday, April 25, 2011.

Fr. Gilgun was an untiring advocate for the poor and always a bearer of peace. He was instrumental in founding The Mustard Seed House of Hospitality in Worcester, where he served as chaplain, and the House of Ammon Agronomic Community in Hubbardston. Fr. Gilgun worked tirelessly for the chemically dependent and mentally challenged. Anywhere there was broken humanity, his healing presence was always found.

Fr. Gilgun's Homilies

Fr. Gilgun was known not only for his kindness and outreach to the poor and marginalized, but also for his gift of preaching. Available below are several of his homilies that had been recorded during the time he was at St. Anne's Church. They are available here for meditation and inspiration.

God bless Fr. Bernie Gilgun, who continues to live on with fondness in the memories of St. Anne's parishioners and whose spirit continues to be felt in the parish's ministries.

Note: All homiles are in AIFF format.