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Welcome to St. Anne's Parish

We are a Catholic Christian community rich in a tradition of giving and caring for its Church and its people.

Through the course of each year, hundreds of parishioners volunteer their time and talents for the many special events and celebrations within our Parish.

In addition, many of our parishioners are active on an ongoing basis in the ministries we see and experience every week as well as in those ministries that are not so outwardly visible.

2 Corinthians 9:6 "Whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully."

From Deacon Bill's Desk

The beginning of the new year, 2022, seems like a fitting time for me to write to you and fill you in on the happenings at St. Anne's. 2021 was a very busy year for us in many ways. If we were to do a Year in Review, it would look something like this:
  • For reasons of health, Fr. John Foley retired on June 30.
  • Fr. Andres Araque was named administrator of St. Anne's Parish on July 1 while maintaining an active ministry in the growing Hispanic community in the Worcester Diocese.
  • To help Fr. Andres with the administrative care of the parish and allow him to focus on her pastoral needs, Bishop McManus appointed Deacon Bill Bilow as financial administrator and HR director.
  • Bishop McManus reassigned Fr. Andres to assume a role in special ministry for the Diocese.
  • Fr. Bill Sanders, recently retired pastor from St. Louis Parish, Webster, accepted Bishop McManus' request to serve as sacramental minister at St. Anne's alongside Fr. Paul O'Connell.
  • Our financial secretary, Pat Morrissey retired after many years of dedicated service to St. Anne's. Ellie Smith took on the role of finance secretary while retaining her role as pastoral assistant.
  • Long-time facilities manager, Joe Zecco, took a well-deserved retirement from that position. Jim Pignataro, lifetime parishioner and recently retired principal of Grafton High School, has assumed the facilities manager position.
  • Mike Curry, guitarist, cantor, and a very familiar voice to those who attended the Saturday 4:00 p.m. Mass, relocated to Plymouth last fall. Steve Barnacle replaced Mike as our new cantor.
Wow — that's a lot of change within only six months!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Fr. John, Pat, Joe, and Mike for their dedication and responsible leadership and support over the years, and especially in the last two years as they kept this vibrant parish alive during the terrible and ongoing pandemic. May God bless them and keep them safe.

With change comes challenge, but it also brings opportunity. In my fiduciary role as finance administrator, it is my goal to maintain control of the parish's expenses while also tending to the immediate and long-term needs of the parish. It is also my desire to lead and care for the temporal needs of the parish community until such time as we are gifted with another pastor. With the support of the Parish Council, Finance Committee, and committed parishioners such as yourselves, we can and will succeed as a community.

It is both an honor and a privilege to serve this great parish as deacon and as administrator. I pray that God will continue to bless St. Anne's, and I ask that you pray for my continued success in this role.

Deacon Bill, Administrator
Last updated: January 5, 2022 2:04pm
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  • That God in his infinite love and mercy bring healing to Tara Slavin Bowden
  • For Joe Zecco, that Jesus' healing and loving hands rest on him and return him to good health
  • For the safety and well-being of my granddaughter Kira
  • For the peaceful repose of the souls of Hien Nguyen, Debra Frost, Dennis Foley and Mary Barbara Smith. May they live in God's everlasting light.
  • For a good surgical outcome for Ron Whittle and for God's healing hand to rest upon him as he recovers
  • For help in my prayer life and that love, truth and above all the good of God always triumph
  • That Jesus to grant me the grace to forgive, for contrition of my sins, and for the grace to be reunited with Him in Holy Communion and to come back to God
  • For a special request
  • For healing and reconciliation in my broken family and that the Lord will heal Peter from the depression that has a strong grip on him, touch his heart and guide him back home to me
  • That God lift the injustice that I am enduring and protect our family in our suffering.
  • For improved health and God's peace and joy in my brother's heart
  • For the healing of Diane Nault and God's peace and comfort for her and her family
  • For the healing of Michelle McKinstry and God's comfort and peace for her and her family
  • For a complete recovery from pancreatic cancer for Carol Larsen
  • Comfort for Christine Thomas and her family as she battles ALS
  • Pray that the hand of Jesus will reach out to Jessica Martin and wipe away the cancer that she is fighting
  • For the healing of Pat H.
  • For the healing of Tim Mahoney
  • For an end to the coronavirus pandemic and continued successful vaccine distribution
  • For the front-line workers who are risking their lives during the coronavirus pandemic
  • For all who suffer from COVID-19, especially St. Anne's parishioners, their families, and friends
  • For all who died from COVID-19, that their souls rest in peace, and for all who mourn the loss of their loved ones
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Christians must always nourish in their hearts the fullness of joy. Try to do that, sisters and brothers. I have tried it many times, and in the most bitter situations, when slander and persecution are at their worst, I have united myself intimately with Christ as my friend, and I have tasted a sweetness that all the joys of earth cannot give. It is the joy of God’s intimacy, the profoundest joy the heart can experience, even when people don’t understand you. Christ pronounced these words of joy on the tragic last night of his life, knowing that the next day even his disciples would abandon him. No doubt there was fullness of joy in the depths of Christ’s soul even when he was ascending Calvary in the bitter agony of his passion, because he was doing the will of his Father and he felt that God was not abandoning him despite all appearances of abandonment. "I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete".

Author: Oscar Romero
Source: The Scandal of Redemption