Environmental Stewardship

At St. Anne's Parish, we take the care of our planet very seriously. For this reason, we have an Environmental Stewardship Team that meets regularly to identify and implement opportunities for preserving and protecting nature's resources.

We recognize that there is a strong link between the care of our planet and the care of our neighbor. With our strong parish heritage in Human Services, it was only "natural" for us to adopt strategies for reducing our carbon footprint and taking on the role as stewards of our common home.

We use rain barrels to capture the runoff of rain from the roof and water our vegetation. We have implemented low-energy and solar-powered lighting to conserve electricity. All building maintenance projects make use of technologies that serve to protect the planet.

This web page provides ideas, words of inspiration, and insights for parishioners to consider for the protection of our common home.

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If you wish to join the Environmental Stewardship Team at St. Anne's Parish, please send an email to rectory@stannesparish.org.

Related link: Diocese of Worcester Environmental Stewardship.

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